Manufacturing + Industrial Photography: Manufacturing photography | Detail shots

A silhouetted woman in the background of the image balances the bright liquid-filled lab flasks at a biomedical engineering firm that specializes in antimicrobial, odor control, and surface modification technologies. The photo has bright colors, including a cobalt blue background.
Manufacturing photography | Detail shots

Focusing the viewer's attention on company services and products, the employee becomes a secondary element in the image.  

We used a two-light setup. A Speedlight unit zoomed to 200mm lights up the liquid-filled glass measuring flasks while minimizing the splash area of the light with each strobe blast.  

A second Speedlight unit blasts bright blue on the back wall and makes the employee appear in silhouette. The bright colors of the flasks and back wall add visual interest. Abundant clear space make it easy for graphic designers to add text.